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"I came to Mr Tanner Back in 2008. I was charged with a felony theft case. I have never been in any other trouble prior till. Mr Tanner brought me into his friendly atmosphere and re assured me that his experience in such manners would benefit me greatly. I told Mr Tanner I would never do such a criminal offense such as that and he looked at me eye to eye and said Tobe I believe you. With that statement I knew this great attorney would go to court on my behalf and battle such a horrible charge. The prosecutor tried several times to get me to plea bargin. We turned it down. Mr Tanner was ready to go to trial. This was my first time in the criminal justice system. We trialed this case before a jury. Mr Tanner in his wisdom prevailed! I was found innocent in 2 hours. My record was espounged and cleared from my criminal history. This attorney has to be one of the best in Houston Tx. Thanks again for giving me my life back!!! Tobe Johnson client for life."

- Tobe

My name is Larry Dean Jr my case was theft of check fraud. Allen Tanner was so effective and it was a weird case but just by his merits alone got my case dismissed,and my back ground clean. I would recommend Mr Allen Tanner to anyone for any reason if you need a defendant. He will fight for your rights and i assure you victory.

- Larry

“Great Lawyer!!”

“I was charged with possession of an illegal drug, but Allen didnt judge me but fought for me. He showed up to all my court dates on time, and was always easy to talk to. After a few rescheduled court dates, Allen fought for my case and got it dropped completely. Allen is not only a great lawyer, but a great person. I recommend him over any lawyer in Houston.”

- Russell

“Mr. Tanner represented me in court on a possession charge (first offense as an adult). He was extremely nice, calm, and made me comfortable about my situation even though it was a serious matter. Allen was incredibly helpful in understanding all the details of my case and what could be done. Mr. Tanner was present and on time to all my court hearings. He worked with me and made it clear what had to be done for the best possible scenario. After many battles in court the case was dismissed. I am very grateful to him for all his hard work, and being no stranger to the court I can honestly recommend him highly as the best attorney I've had or heard of in other cases.”

- Jake

“I was first introduced to Allen Tanner in August of 2008 through a mutual friend. Allen was working on a case out of town so we discussed my issues over the phone. I can honestly say from the moment I first spoke with Allen I knew he was the lawyer for me. Allen always said that he would be available to meet with me anytime day or night. Allen would meet me on the weekends if I needed. In the past I have hired other lawyers and none of them were ever as kind, understanding, and as available to me as Mr Tanner. Upfront he told me a price. We worked out all the details right away. Allen answered the phone when I called him or he would call me back in a short time frame.What I have been through I would not want to go through again. But if I had to do everything all over again Allen tanner would be my first choice as a lawyer.”

- Dawn

Allen Tanner's practice expands to all counties in Texas.

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Allen Tanner's practice expands to all counties in Texas.