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A talented team of investigators at the Law Offices of Allen Tanner can assist you in gathering exonerating evidence to help you in your court case. Using a team approach, Allen utilizes six individuals with specific knowledge in niche areas of law to make sure you are getting a thorough and unique approach to your case. They will procure evidence, get statements, locate records, and speak to prosecution witnesses to gain leverage that will help you achieve the best possible outcome. They are discreet, professional, and invaluable resources in the quest to find justice for you.

Allen gives huge credit to his team of investigators for not guilty verdicts, grand jury no bills, dismissals, and reduction to lesser offenses. In Allen’s words, “I love them and thank them for the countless hours they put forth in helping my clients. I couldn’t practice law effectively without their help.”

Allen Tanner's practice expands to all counties in Texas.

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Allen Tanner's practice expands to all counties in Texas.