The Importance of Being Board Certified

Getting a lawyer to protect your rights and freedoms is important. Retaining the RIGHT legal representation after an arrest is vital. Your livelihood, your liberty, your very life could be on the line in a court of law, and if that happens, you should have a “board-certified” legal expert fighting for you. This important professional status can be the difference between indefinite incarceration and walking away free.

“Board-certified” attorneys have earned the distinction of being true legal specialists in their field. They represent a small group of lawyers that are recognized and accredited by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization to possess the right skills to offer you a superior criminal defense. Board-certified attorneys have passed the state certification test and have also shown exceptional achievements in their respected areas of law.

Allen Tanner's practice expands to all counties in Texas.

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Allen Tanner's practice expands to all counties in Texas.