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Choosing a lawyer to represent you when fighting serious criminal charges is a hard process. All I can tell you is that you will need an experienced lawyer who will fight for you in court and always tell you the entire truth regarding your case. It’s that simple. With offices in Austin and Houston, I take on every type of case - from first-time infractions to capital murder and the death penalty.

With more than 39 years of courtroom experience, I have practiced on both sides of criminal law; both as a Prosecutor for 3 years and a Criminal Defense Attorney for 30 years. I have tried over 200 felony jury trials, including 15 death penalty trials, in both state and federal courts. I am one of a handful of Board Certified criminal defense lawyers throughout Texas. I promise to fight vigorously for your rights and to try to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. If I am your lawyer I will immediately attempt to get your case dismissed or tossed out by a grand jury if at all possible. However, some cases due to their very nature take a much longer time to resolve. No matter what your case involves, I will always keep you totally informed of any happenings as your case progresses through the criminal justice system.

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The Law Offices of Allen Tanner is available 24-hours a day and provides free consultations. When you need passion, honesty, dedication, and a seasoned law professional to represent you, contact the Law Offices of Allen Tanner and get the defense you deserve. 

Allen Tanner's practice expands to all counties in Texas.

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Allen Tanner's practice expands to all counties in Texas.